Clifton Heights Crime Report

Clifton Heights Crime Report for 02/02/2022 to 02/07/2022

No incidents to report in Clifton Heights.

Ellendale, 2 Incidents, Larceny from a Motor Vehicle/Parts.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for 12/11/2021 to 01/11/2022

High incident 2635 Hampton, summary below.

Victim stated he responded to an acquaintance’s, who he knows as “Jeff XXXX” residence located around 2635 Hampton, Victim stated he was unaware of the exact address and  he was in the alley arguing with the suspect over a jacket.  Victim stated the suspect accused him of being a thief.

Victim stated the suspect pointed what he believed to be a pellet gun at him.  Victim stated he began to walk away from the suspect residence when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck.

Victim was transported to Barnes Hospital by EMS.

Dr. Rieves, Physician at Barnes ER stated victim suffered a penetration wound to the neck and was in stable condition.

Further investigation revealed the area of 2635 Hampton may not be the actual incident site and based on the a picture provided the incident possibly happened at 2708 Sulphur.

Detectives discovered that the victim and suspect met to smoke drugs and a argument broke out. Suspect was identified through Facebook postings and crossed verified through DOR. Suspect was arrested and charged.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 02/22/2021 to 03/01/2021

02/22/2021 14:14, Stolen Auto-Nissan, Hampton/I-44,23XX McCausland, 21-7618:

Victim advised she last saw her vehicle, a gray 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, bearing Missouri temporary tag 04T01W, when it was left on the side of the highway after an accident at I-44 westbound and Hampton Avenue, on February 22nd, 2021, at approximately 0130 hours. When she responded to the location later that day to have it towed, at approximately 1320 hours, Burford found the vehicle missing.

Victim stated no one else has permission to utilize the vehicle. Victim stated she has all the keys to the vehicle in his possession and she did not notice any broken glass where the vehicle was parked.

Stolen reference number V31804531.

02/22/2021 14:42, Fraud, 25XX Sulphur, 21-7620:

Victim informed me that on February 12, 2021, she entered into a business agreement with an owner of an online survey company “Market Field Research” for a Mystery Shopper position. Nguyen stated she found the company while searching job postings online.  

Victim informed me that on February 11, she received a package from USPS that contained an instruction sheet for her secret shopping assignment and a check from the company totaling $2,930.00 to use to purchase Walmart Gift Cards and purchase a cashier’s check from her bank. Victim deposited the check into her Bank of America checking account. She was instructed to withdraw $2,400.00 cash to purchase the gift cards in $400.00 increments.

Victim stated that she waited until Tuesday February 16, 2021 and checked her bank balance to verify that the check had cleared. It appeared to have cleared so she withdrew the currency from her account. She then proceeded to a nearby Walmart Department Store and purchased $2,400.00 worth of Walmart Gift Cards.

Victim was instructed to scratch the security stripe off the back of the cards and send a picture of the front and rear of each card to the number provided to her during the correspondence with the company.

On February 17, 2021, Victim was notified by Bank of America that the check that she had deposited had been rejected as Altered/Fictitious and that her account was currently in a negative balance.

Victim stated she attempted to contact the individual that hired her, Wesley Thomas, of the “Market Field Research” to no avail.

Victim provided me with copies of the check as well as copies of the email correspondence between her and the company.

02/23/2021 16:10, Stolen License, 25XX Hampton, 21007836:

On Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021, at approximately 1610 hours, victim contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to reporting the theft of his license plate. Clerk Typist Grace Miller, DSN 11309, conducted a call back to Phillips and was advised of the following:

Victim stated he parked his vehicle, a white 1996 Ford F150, on the rear parking pad of his residence at 2515 Hampton Avenue on February 21st, 2021, at approximately 0700.  When he returned to his vehicle on February 23rd, 2021, at approximately 1530 hours, he discovered his front license plate, Missouri registration 7CEW21, stolen.

The license plates were entered as stolen per reference number V31808324.

Vehicle was recovered as of this writing.

02/24/2021 8:08, LarcVeh, 64Xx Clifton Hills Dr., 21007900:

Victim stated he parked his vehicle, a black 2017 Nissan Maxima, outside of his residence at 6444 Clifton Hills Drive on February 23rd, 2021, at approximately 1630 hours. Victim stated when he responded back to the vehicle on February 24th, 2021, at approximately 0645 hours, he found the contents of the glove compartment and center console scattered throughout the vehicle.

02/27/2021 22:34, Aslt 2nd Domestic, 25Xx Clifton, 21008488:

Victim stated her boyfriend, Carson B., appeared at her basement window unannounced around 9:45 PM.  Carson B. argued with the victim earlier in the evening.  Victim was scared he was going to break the window, so she opened the door and allowed Carson B. to enter the residence.  Carson B. demanded her cell phone.  When she refused, Carson B. made suicidal statements, like, “I’m going to kill myself if you don’t let me have your phone”.  Victim still refused to give her phone to Carson B.  Carson B. grabbed her by the throat with both of his hands and squeezed.  He threw her to the floor. Victim screamed and yelled for Carson B. to leave her home.

Witness Cambra J> went downstairs after hearing her daughter,  scream.  Witness told Carson B. to leave the residence.  Carson B. was last seen driving away in a black 2008 Mercedes C300, bearing Missouri license plate RE9B4V.

I observed the victim.  She had discoloration of the skin and irritation on the left side of her throat.  Victim refused medical attention.  Victim stated occurrences like this have happened over twenty times, unreported.  She stated her and Carson B. have been in a romantic relationship for the last three years.  Victim does not share any children with Carson B.  Victim was issued an OPP-33.

Carson B. was placed “Wanted” per reference W53383858.

Carson B. has a registered address of 57XX Southwest Avenue.  Officers responded to this location.  Carson B. was not located at this residence.  The resident, Mike W., stated he is the husband to Carson B’s mother.  Mike stated Carson B. is living at 7XX Wilmington and is currently driving his mother’s vehicle.  He described the vehicle as a 2013 white Nissan Altima bearing Missouri license plate XF4L8S.

DART advised.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 02/08/2021 to 02/14/2021

02/10/2021 21:06, Stolen Auto 2006- F150 2006,64XX Southwest, 21006093:

On Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 at 2107 hours, victim contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to someone stealing her parked pickup truck from in front of her residence.

Victim stated she parked her blue, 2006 Ford F350 pickup truck bearing Missouri license plates 0YBK99 expiration year 2022 in front of her residence located at 64XX Southwest Avenue on today’s date at 1700 hours. When she looked out of her window at 2045 hours, she noticed that it was not there. Victim added that she was in possession of the only set of keys to the vehicle and she did not give anyone permission to drive it. Victim further stated there is a black toolbox mounted in the bed of the truck. The Telephone Reporting Unit entered the vehicle as stolen per reference # V31775868.

02/12/2021 2:59, LarcVeh-Documents, 65XX Marmaduke, 21-006263:

On 02/12/2021, SLMPD received a radio assignment for a “Tampering” located at 65XX Marmaduke, relative to a white van breaking into cars in the area.

Upon arrival, I spoke with the victim, who stated he observed, through his Ring Doorbell device, an unknown subject occupying a white minivan, exit and rummage through his vehicle. Victim advised his backpack containing work documents and his stethoscope was missing from his vehicle. The total cost of items missing was $275. No damage was done to the victim’s vehicle.

Victim showed me the surveillance video. In the video, at 2:41 A.M., I observed a white newer model minivan approach victim’s vehicle, stop next to it, and a subject exits the minivan. The subject enters victim’s vehicle through the driver’s door, searches through the vehicle, then exits. The subject returns to the minivan, enters, and leaves the scene east bound on Marmaduke.

Surveillance video was sent via e-mail. I burned a copy of the video to a compact disc, packaged, and seized it as evidence, same is stored at the South Patrol Property Room.

02/12/2021 11:01 Larceny, 66XX Marmaduke, 21-006296:

On Friday, February 12, 2021 at 1044 hours, Reporting party contacted the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department to report someone stealing a trash can.

Reporting party stated on February 12, 2021 between 1:00 P.M and 7:00 P.M. unknown person(s) stole the blue trash can from in front of 66XX Marmaduke Ave. Victim stated he delayed reporting this incident because he was trying to find the trash can and when he called the City of St Louis trash department, he was advised to make a police report.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 02/01/2021 to 02/07/2021

02/01/2021 8:15, Larceny-Documents 62XX Magnolia, 21-004644

On Monday, February 1st, 2021, at 08:15, Victim, contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, relative to a larceny.

Victim stated, she parked her black, 2008 Landrover Rangerover (no plates), on the rear parking pad, located at 62XX Magnolia Ave., on 1/31/21, at 21:30, accidentally leaving her vehicle unlocked. Victim, further stated, upon returning to her vehicle, on 2/1/21, at 07:30, she discovered an unknown suspect(s) had unlawfully entered her vehicle and stole her vehicle’s title, inspection, and loan paperwork.

02/01/2021 10:00-11:00, Larceny, 21XX Sulphur 21-004670 and 21-004672:


On Monday, February 1, 2021 at 10:33, reporting party contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to her husband’s vehicle being broken into.

RP stated on January 31, 2021 at 17:00 she parked his vehicle, a 2017 Ford Escape (BC3Z2Y 21), on a parking lot at the Hampton Inn located at 2111 Sulphur Ave. the next day on February 1, 2021 at 10:30 she returned to their vehicle and noticed the rear driver side window had been broken out and the vehicle had been ransacked and items stolen.  Stolen were four phone chargers which are valued at $60.00.

Per Dor: vehicle above is not registered, but the license plate BC3Z2Y 21 is registered to Stephen C. on another vehicle a 2017 Ford Focus.


Victim reported stated person(s) unknown made entry into his vehicle and stole a set of keys and a duffle bag with dirty clothes. No other items missing.

 02/06/2021 13:10 Stolen Converter, 34XX Watson, 21-005486:

Reporting party stated person(s) unknown stole his converter while his vehicle was parked.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 01/25/2021 to 01/31/2021

01/29/2021 18:57, Larceny Stolen Wallet, Columbia @ Hampton, 21-004333:

Victim stated he was walking out the restaurant to go his vehicle when he heard a loud “smash” and he seen Suspect 1 rummaging through the rear driver side of his window. Victim  yelled at the suspect and ran towards his vehicle. Suspect 1 then ran to the west side of the parking lot and pointed a firearm with a “red laser beam” and aim it at his chest. Victim stated he then hunched over to cover himself and out of the corner of his eyes he seen Suspect 2 shoot a round into the sky. Suspects jumped into a black 4 door vehicle and drove northbound on Hampton until out of sight. Victim stated his work boots and wallet containing various U.S currency and multiple cards was missing.

Suspect 1 was described as a medium build, dark complexion, black male in his early 20’s wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and afro temp fade. Suspect 2 was described as a slender build, dark complexion, black male in his early 20’s no further.

Witness stated he was exiting the above listed location with the victim, but he was further back, and noticed the victim became upset and ran towards his vehicle. Witness stated while watching the victim run towards his vehicle, he heard a gunshot. He ran back towards the entrance of the bar.

District 2 detective located surveillance cameras, video footage will be seized.

01/30/2021 13:53, Stolen License, Hampton @ Wilson , 21-004428:

Victim stated he parked his vehicle, a white 2002 Hyundai Accent, at the front parking lot at 21XX Sulphur Avenue on January 29th, 2021, at approximately 1900 hours. When he returned to his vehicle on January 29th, 2021, at approximately 2200 hours, he discovered his rear license plate, Missouri registration NF1H5D, stolen.

Plates entered as stolen per reference number V31745802.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 01/18/2021 to 01/24/2021

01/21/2021 2:18, Disturbance Hampton/Wilson, 21002972:

Reporting party, store manager, stated a white male in blue jeans and a grey sweater was intoxicated, continually returning to the store attempting to buy beer, as well as verbally harassing her. The suspect was walking onto the parking lot of the “Circle K”, located at 2105 Hampton avenue, yelling and making aggressive gestures. The male was identified as Joshua W., who officers already had calls for separate disturbances earlier in the shift documented under P2101210071 and P2101201201.

Joshua W. was placed in handcuffs without incident, and informed him that he was under arrest for “Peace Disturbance”. Suspect stated he was intoxicated and did not remember causing multiple disturbances. A computer inquiry of Joshua W. revealed no wants or warrants.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 12/08/2020 to 12/13/2020

12/09/2020  13:38 ASLT 4th, 23XX Esther , 20-055446:

Upon arrival, I spoke with victim April S., who stated, she was making a delivery on Simpson Avenue and  and a white male driving a green pick up truck was in her lane .She then stated, she parked on the sidewalk as far as she could to avoid impeding the flow of traffic, when the person proceeded to drive by her vehicle.  She then stated she called the him an “Asshole” as he drove past her.

Victim stated,  she proceeded east on Simpson and made a left turn onto Esther to make a delivery at 23XX Esther Avenue.  She then stated while returning to her vehicle, the person returned to her location and exited his vehicle. He approached her and stated, I am a U.S. Veteran and you will apologize to me.  She said that she would not apologize.

Victim stated after she refused to apologize, she attempted walk past him and he pushed her to the ground. Victim stated she got up and went to her vehicle and retrieved her cellphone and took a picture of the suspect’s license plates and he attempted to take her phone from her. During the struggle over the cellphone, victim was struck in the mouth.

Victim stated, witness Gina Kowalczyk observed the incident and contacted this Department. Victim then stated suspect re-entered his vehicle and left the scene east on Esther out of sight. She then stated suspect was a white male, 6’0-6’1, blondish/red hair and a stubble beard no further, driving a green four door Ford F150 with brown trim bearing MO. license plate XXX-XXX.

A computer inquiry of the suspect license plate revealed to plates to be registered to a 2015 Ford Escape out of Chaffee MO.

I then spoke with witness Kowalczyk, who corroborated the victim’s statement.

During my investigation, I observed a small cut on the victim’s upper lip. I also observed the suspect vehicle and license plate from the victims cellphone.

EMS was refused.

TRS Clerk entered the License plate with vehicle information as “Wanted” for Assault 4th, per reference # V31610494.

 12/11/2020 8:59 2727 Hampton Larc-Veh-Catalytic Converter, 20-055706:

Reporting parted stated multiply vehicles had the converters taken during the night. Report not completed.

12/12/2020 11:25 2744 Tamm Larc-Veh-Drivers License, 20-055913: 

Victim, Hofherr, stated, she parked her white, 2018 Mazda CX5, bearing Missouri license plate ZA7-P6H, at the curb, in front of her residence, located at 2744 Tamm, on 11/25/20, at approximately 20:00, accidentally leaving her doors unlocked. Victim, Hofherr, further stated, at approximately 22:00, she noticed her vehicle’s dome light on and her front passenger door ajar. Victim, Hofherr, indicated, when she responded to her vehicle to investigate, she discovered an unknown suspect(s) had unlawfully entered her vehicle and stole her gift cards and driver license.

Victim, Hofherr, claimed, she called this department, at the time of the incident, however, due to her hectic work schedule, she missed two calls and eventually forgot about it, until today.

Clerk Typist, Johnson, DSN 11774, entered the driver license stolen, per reference # A00848492.

12/13/2020 0:12 2817 Watson Destruction of PP, 20-055995:

Upon arrival, we were met by the owner, Steven Cook. Cook stated, at approximately 2220, he requested an unknown female patron of the establishment to leave for being rude and disruptive to customers.  The suspect left the establishment but continued to pace back and forth in front of the business.  Approximately 20 minutes later, Cook observed the suspect throw an empty cocktail glass through the front window. The suspect immediately fled the area on foot in an unknown direction.

The suspect is approximately 5’5 to 5’7, heavy set build, black female, wearing a blue and green long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and a white and black checkered baseball style hat. She has long straight brown hair with pink highlights and long white colored fingernails.

I observed the front glass window broken and glass pieces in and around the area.

No cameras were located.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 11/24/2020 to 12/03/2020

11/25/2020 08:25 25XX Sulphur, 20-053408:

On Wednesday, November 25th, 2020, at approximately 0825 hours, victim Christopher P. contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to his catalytic converter being stolen from his vehicle.

Victim stated he parked his white 2003 Ford F250, bearing MO license plates 2DAZ85, in front of his residence at 25XX Sulphur Ave. on November 24th, 2020, at approximately 2000 hours.  Victim said he heard a loud noise coming from the front of his residence on November 25th, 2020, at approximately 0200 hours.  When he looked out the window, he did not see anyone in front of his residence.  When Petersen exited his residence at approximately 0700 and started his vehicle, he heard a loud noise. A further inspection of the vehicle revealed his catalytic converter was stolen.

There is no video surveillance of this incident.

11/28/2020 10:44 62XX Magnolia, Larceny Veh, 20-053805:

On Saturday, November 28th, 2020, at approximately 10:44, Victim, Donald D., contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, relative to a larceny. P.O. Steven Pinkerton, DSN 5162, conducted a call back to Victim, Dawson, who provided the following details:

Victim, stated, he parked his vehicle, a gray 2011 Ford F150, at the curb, in front of his residence, located at 62XX Magnolia, on 11/27/20, at approximately 10:00, accidently leaving his vehicle unlocked. Victim, further stated, upon returning to his vehicle, on 11/28/20, at approximately 09:00, he discovered an unknown suspect(s) had unlawfully entered his vehicle, rummaged through his vehicle and stole his center console tray, containing pocket knives, change and miscellaneous personal items and hardware.

Special Message from Officer Veile:


During the months of October and November, I’ve received many questions regarding the theft of catalytic converters, which are occurring everywhere in the City and County.  Most people are asking why?  Well, I think I have the answer.

The catalytic converter is located underneath your vehicle and contains a certain amount of precious metals including, Platinum, Palladium and even Rhodium.  Currently Platinum is $1,017.00 an ounce, Palladium $2,413.00 an ounce and my favorite, Rhodium is $15,700.00 an ounce.

I was informed that each catalytic converter contains 2-3 grams of one of these precious metals.  Stealing 3 or 4 of these converters becomes a pretty good payday especially if you get some Rhodium.  Here’s a fun fact, Rhodium was selling at $500 an ounce in 2003.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 11/10/2020 to 11/12/2020

11/12/2020 7:46 26xx Hampton, Dest (Car Clouting), 20-051366:

On November 12, 2020 at approximately 0746 hours, Victim contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to report a destruction of property. Police Officer DSN 8785, conducted a callback and was advised of the following:

Victim stated she last observed her husband`s vehicle which is a silver 2012 Lexus 250 at the location of 2635 Hampton Ave. on November 12, 2020, at approximately 0500 hours. When she returned to the vehicle on November 12, 2020, at approximately 0740 hours, she discovered someone had busted out left rear window and removed her purse with her driver`s license inside the purse.

Victim stated she did not have any suspect information. Surveillance camera at this time has not been reviewed.

Victims Missouri driver`s license was reported stolen per reference number A00840904.

Ownership of vehicle was confirmed.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 08/22/2020 to 08/30/2020

08/22/2020 13:48  27XX Hampton, Destruction-Tires, 20-37765: 

On Saturday, August 22, 2020, at approximately 1:48 p.m., victim Sean Metz contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to report damage to his vehicle. Clerical Coordinator Riggs, DSN 5811, conducted a callback to Metz and was advised of the following:

Metz parked his vehicle, a silver 2010 Dodge Avenger bearing unknown Ohio license plates, on the street in front of 5972 Southwest on August 21st, 2020, at approximately 9:00 p.m. When he returned to his vehicle at approximately 9:00 a.m. this morning, he noticed both of his passenger side tires were flat. When he took his vehicle to Auto Tire for repair, the technician advised him both tires had been slashed with an unknown object.

Metz advised there is a city-owned video camera at the intersection of Southwest and Watson that may have captured the incident.

08/24/2020 10:14 62XX Magnolia, Larceny-Shelving unit, 20-038048:

Victim stated he last checked on his vehicle, a brownish grey 2016 Nissan Pathfinder, which was parked on a parking pad in the rear of his residence at 6271 Magnolia Ave, on August 22,2020, at approximately 1730 hours. Victim left  town and when he retuned on August 23, 2020 at approximately 1700 hours he returned to his vehicle and discovered the contents of his glove compartment and center console scattered throughout the interior of the vehicle.

Inventory of the vehicle discovered shelving unit was missing from the trunk of the vehicle.

Victim stated he did not observe any damage to the vehicles door locks, window, or ignition. Victim stated he possibly left his vehicle unlocked.

08/28/2020 17:11 28xx Watson, ASLT 3rd, 20-38916: 

I was directed by radio to 5120 Clayton in Forest Park to investigate an Assault Prior. I met Victim Cammatara, noting a swollen left eye and cheek, and an abrasion over the top of the left eye socket, and a dark bruise under the left eye.

Cammatara stated he left “The Tavern at Clifton Heights” after the establishment closed at 11:00 pm. He noted three people standing near his car, one white female and two white males. Cammatara stated their presence made him nervous because he has many enemies.  Cammatara called out, “Get away from my car”. He continued to walk toward his vehicle to the passenger side where the female was standing.

Cammatara stated the female and he began arguing, although he did not remember any of the content of what was said. At one point, one male dressed in a black shirt and black pants began to walk aggressively toward him, however the forward progress of the male was blocked by the female whom Cammatara was arguing with.

Cammatara stated suddenly, he was sucker punched from behind and knocked unconscious. Cammatara stated as regained conscious, he tried to get up but felt restrained, as one of the males grabbed his arms, dragged him an unknown distance, and dropped him on the ground at which time he was punched several times in the face and body, and possibly kicked, but was not sure of all details. Cammatara stated he lost conscience again, regained a semi alert state and did not see his assailants. Cammatara then called 911 and began advising of several license plate numbers of vehicles still on the parking lot.

Cammatara is unsure of any description of the male that sucker punched him other than a white male.

Cammatara stated he never sought medical attention.  He advised he might be able to identify the subject in the black shirt and black pants. Cammatara stated he could not identify the subject that sucker punched him.

An inspection of Netviewer confirmed his 911 call per P2008271107. Notes in that call indicate Cammatara stated someone had his car guarded and an argument was heard in the background, and that Cammatara stated he was jumped on. Several license plates are also typed into the call notes. Also in the call notes was second caller (Victoria)who advised of a fight between 2 male subjects.

I contacted that phone number in the notes, 314-488-3685, but there was no answer.

A second call to 911 was made per P2008271110, in which Cammatara reported being assaulted by a group of people but refused medical attention.

I responded to 2817 Watson Rd, The Tavern at Clifton Heights and located witness Cook. He stated he was not present on the night of the incident but had been informed about it. He indicated he had talked with Cammatara and told him he had seen the video and invited Cammatara to come over and watch it. Cooke stated he was informed by employees that Cammatara entered the establishment and was refused service and then left. Cook looked at the video, advising that there is no audio and Cammatara and female appear to be arguing. Cook stated that Cammatara appears to contact the female. Cook stated Cammatara moved aggressively toward one of the males, who then struck him, and Cammatara fell to the ground. Cook stated the other male then sat on Cammatara`s body for about 30 – 45 seconds. Cook stopped watching at that point. Cook did not recall any clothing descriptions

Cooke states his system is new and he does not know how to operate it but will call the company that installed it and produce a video.

No witnesses were located.  Cammatara advised he will assist with any prosecution.

08/29/2020 11:10 62XX Marmaduke, Larceny Trailer, 20-39005:

On Saturday, August 29th, 2020, at approximately 1110 hours, victim contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to reporting the theft of parts from her vehicle. Victim stated she last checked on her vehicle, a gold 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, outside her residence at 6269 Marmaduke Avenue, on August 23th, 2020, at approximately 2045 hours. When she  went outside on August 29th, 2020, at approximately 1000 hours, she observed her trailer hitch missing from the rear of her vehicle.

Victim stated she did not observe any damage to the vehicle`s windows, door locks, or ignition. Mirelli stated she does not believe entry was gained to the interior of the vehicle.

Victim advised her residence is equipped with surveillance cameras which may have captured the incident.

08/30/2020 08:06 ,2100 Sulphur, Larceny, 20-039108:

Reporting parties Jonathan Seay and Charlie Flannigan contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to reporting their vehicles getting broken into.

Seay stated he parked, locked and secured  his 2012 white Ford F-150 on the Drury Inn parking lot on yesterday`s date, August 29th, 2020 at approximately 2200 hours. Seay stated he came out to his vehicle this morning August 30th, 2020 at approximately 0800 this morning and noticed his rear driver side window was shattered and broken pieces of glass on the ground. Seay discovered the contents of his glove compartment and center console scattered throughout the interior of the vehicle. Seay stated he conducted an inventory of his vehicle and discovered his IMAC desktop computer and Toshiba laptop computer to be missing.

Flannigan stated he parked, locked and secured his red 2017 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG on the Drury Inn parking lot on yesterday`s date, August 29th, 2020 at approximately 2200 hours. Flannigan stated he came out to his vehicle this morning, August 30th, 2020  at approximately 0800 hours and observed his rear driver side window was shattered with broken pieces of glass on the ground. Flannigan discovered the contents of his glove compartment and center console scattered throughout the interior of the vehicle. Flannigan conducted an inventory of his vehicle and noticed the title/insurance paperwork to a recently purchased older model Chevy Silverado was missing.

Seay and Flannigan advised that there is surveillance cameras on the property that may have captured the incident.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 08/07/2020 to 08//11/2020

08/07/2020 02:21 Hampton/Wilson, Aslt 4th Domestic (Clifton Heights), 20-034968:

Witness provided the following statement: “I was driving northbound on Hampton, when I saw a white male and white female wrestling on the Circle K. parking lot.  The female was attempting to get away from the male, but he had ahold of her arm refusing to let go.  I parked my vehicle on the parking lot and separated the male and female.”

Victim Samantha B. provided the following statement:  She was driving home with Joshua S. in the front passenger seat on westbound on I-44, when they began arguing.   He got angry and started punching her in the face.  Victim exited the highway onto Hampton and pulled onto the Circle K. parking lot.  While on the parking lot, Joshua S. grabbed B.`s phone out of her purse (which was hanging from her neck) and refused to give it back to her.  They both got out of the vehicle and Joshua S. threw her phone onto the ground shattering the screen.  Joshua S. pushed the victim onto the ground, punched her numerous times in the face, and the back of her head.  Victim attempted to get up and get away from Joshua S., but he wouldn`t allow her to get up or escape the situation.

Victim was bleeding from her right knee, a small bump on the right side of her face, and two broken acrylic fingernails.  There appeared to be a bump on the back of her head, but her hair prevented me from observing it.

Victim refused medical treatment.

Joshua S. was placed under arrest for “Domestic Assault 4th,” and “Property Damage 2nd.”  I informed him of his Miranda Rights per MPD form GEN-19, and he stated he understood his rights.  Joshua S. provided the following statement: “We were both fighting.  She was punching me, and I was punching her in the face.  We have been together for two years and we do this all the time.  I just want to go home.  I don`t want to press charges and I know she wont press charges either, just let us go home.”

Victim and Joshua S. have been in a romantic relationship for two years, but do not have any children together.

A REJIS inquiry of Joshua S. revealed an active wanted card out of District 1 for “Domestic Assault 4th,” “Assault 4th,” and “Destruction of Private Property.”  Victim Blosser is one of the victims in that incident as well.

Victim was provided an OPP-33 and advised of its use.

08/11/2020 07:24 69XX Nashville, Larceny-Beer (Hi-Pointe), 20-035605:

Victim contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to reporting the theft of property.

Victim stated he last checked on his detached garage, located in the rear of his residence at 6901 Nashville Avenue on August 10th, 2020, at approximately 1800 hours. When he returned to the garage on August 11th, 2020, at approximately 0710 hours, Smith stated he found a window on the garage shattered and the side entry door of the garage was open.

Victim conducted an inventory of the garage and found four 30- packs of beer and an assortment of food items were missing from the refrigerator in the garage.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 07/17/2020 to 07/24/2020

07/18/2020 09:20 Hampton @ I-44, Larceny, Purse 20-31533: 

Victim stated she briefly parked her vehicle, a black 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, at the QuikTrip located at 2166 Hampton Avenue on July 18th, 2020, at approximately 0905 hours. When she responded back to her vehicle at approximately 0910 hours, he found her duffle bag and purse missing from the vehicle.

Victim stated the duffle bag contained assorted clothing items and the purse contained her vehicle title. Victim did not observe any damage to the vehicle`s windows, door locks, or ignition and the vehicle was left unlocked.

Victim stated the vehicle is not properly registered and does not have a license plate affixed to it.

07/20/2020 16:45 Hampton & I-44, Hold-up 20-31969:

Officers responded to 2020 Hampton Avenue relative to an “Accident, Hit and Run.” Witness Murphy stated while he was driving southbound on Hampton Avenue, a white male in an older model four door sedan struck the victim and dragged him a few yards before fleeing the area.

Upon arrival, we spoke with Victim Ronald C. He said he was raising funds to help the homeless. He stated that while he was standing by the traffic support pole at the Hampton Avenue and I-44 westbound exit ramp, a white male in a blue four sedan slowed down, reached out and grabbed the victim`s money bag that was hanging on his left shoulder. The subject started driving away while the victim was still holding on to the bag. The subject drove off southbound on Hampton Avenue with the victim`s money bag containing $200.00 cash. Victim  complained of bruises to his left elbow and pain to his right leg. He described the subject as an unknown white male, approximately 25 to 35 years old, wearing a brown shirt. Nothing further.

07/22/2020 10:26 68XX Southwest, Stolen Auto 20-032261:

Reporting party Tinnon contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department relative to reporting her mother`s vehicle stolen. Clerk Typist Johnson, DSN 11774, conducted a call back to Tinnon and was advised of the following:

Tinnon advised he last saw her mother`s vehicle, a gold 2008 Ford Fusion, bearing Missouri registration plate GF7E8U, in front of 6008 Southwest Ave, on July 21st, 2020, at approximately 2312 hours. When she responded to the location on July 21st, 2020, at approximately 2334 hours, Tinnon found the vehicle missing.

Tinnon stated no one else has permission to utilize the vehicle. Tinnon stated she has all the keys to the vehicle in her possession.

07/24/2020 06:09 21XX Sulphur, Dest. of Private Property/Veh window 20-032563:

On 07/24/2020 at 0613 hours, the victim contacted this department to report an unknown person(s) vandalized his vehicle by shattering the front and rear driver side windows. The victim stated entry was not gained and nothing was stolen from his vehicle.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 06/14/2020 to 06/20/2020

6/16/20 21XX Sulphur 20-25909 Car Clouting hand gun:

Victim`s stated they parked their vehicles on the south side of the Drury Inn parking lot, located at 2111 Sulphur.

Victim Mannon stated that he had last seen his car undamaged on 06/15/2020 at 11:00 P.M. He went into the hotel and exited again when he was checking out at approximately 3:00 A.M. on 06/16/2020. He observed his passenger side front window to be shattered, however there was no property taken from the vehicle.

Victim Scamardo stated he parked and went inside the hotel “before 10 P.M.” on 06/16/2020. When he came out to his vehicle at approximately 3 A.M. to get something prior to checking out, he discovered that his driver`s side rear window was smashed, and his Glock 19 was missing from his glovebox. Nothing else was missing from his truck.

I contacted Victim Schofield, who came out of the hotel and inspected the damage to his truck. Schofield stated he parked his truck in the lot on 06/15/2020, however all he could remember is that it was “sometime in the evening.” His driver side front window was shattered, and his center counsel was cracked and broken. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.

I observed broken windows on all three vehicles, and that the vehicles had been rummaged through. I observed Victim Scamardo`s glove box open, and his Glock 19 missing.

Video cameras were located on all sides of Drury Inn; however, the night staff were unable to access the footage. The desk attendant stated that the manager would be in at 7 A.M., and that she is able to review and download footage. The manager was made aware.

6/16/2020 64XX Arsenal 20-26041 Stolen Auto:

Victim reported person(s) unknown stole his red 2009 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle while it was parked in the driveway of his residence.

6/20/2020 13XX Kraft (Hi Pointe) 20-26664 Stolen Bicycle:

The victim stated that when he went to retrieve his property, he discovered it had been stolen by person(s) unknown.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 05/04/2020 to 05/10/2020

05/04/2020 10:51, 69XX Columbia Ave 20-018868, Larceny US Currency:

Small business owner of STL Programs, LLC received an email message that appeared to originate from, Breese Publishing, a client he uses for printing. The email was requesting him to begin paying his invoices via EFT, ACH or Wire due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Believing  this email to be legitimate, reporting party responded to the email requesting the bank information where the money needed to be transferred. The email was from on March 25, 2020 at 1503 hours sent to, there was an additional email address Reply-to:

Fraudulent  transactions were made/transferred.

05/04/2020 11:56, 60XX Marmaduke 20-018882, Larceny US Currency:

Reporting party stated person(s) unknown stole his identity, opened loans in his name and withdrew funds electronically from his accounts as well.

05/05/2020 10:24, 66XX Odell 20-019021, Burglary:

Victim advised he left his secured residence around 0800 hours on today’s date and returned around 1000hours.  When he returned, he discovered unknown suspect(s) entered his residence by forcing a rear window and stole the listed property.

05/06/2020 10:15 26XX Clifton 20-019178, Stealing Under 150 Trash Receptacle:

Reporting party stated person(s) unknown stole the green roll out trash cart from the street in front of his residence at the indicated location.

Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 04/27/2020 to 05/02/2020

04/27/2020 9:04,  65XX Marmaduke (20-017872) Larceny/Vehicle/Purse:

Victim stated that person(s) unknown entered her unlocked vehicle, and stole listed property while it was parked on the street.

04/29/2020 8:41, 60XX Elizabeth (20-018200) Stolen Auto:

Victim stated person(s) unknown stole his vehicle while parked on the street in front of his residence and a key fob from his other vehicle

Victim stated he left the vehicle keys inside of the 2013 Hyundai Sonata. There was no glass on the ground where the vehicles were parked.

04/29/2020 10:48, 62XX Magnloia (20-18213) Stolen Auto/Tampering/Possession/UUW/Resisting Arrest:

Victim stated person(s) unknown stole her vehicle on the listed date and time.

RTCC detectives spotted the verified stolen car traveling south on Kingshighway from Natural Bridge. The vehicle and driver stopped. Detectives apprehended the driver and discovered a loaded weapon and illegal narcotic in the suspects possession as he resisted arrest.

05/02/2020 02:50, Bennett Ct/McCune (20-018616) Hold-Up/Unfounded:

Victim reported after leaving East St. Louis with a male she met online, the suspect drove her to the area and removed her from his vehicle while pointing a weapon at her head and taking her SS-card. The vehicle was spotted traveling at a high rate of speed eastbound on interstate I-64/40 as officers initiated a traffic spot.

Officers ordered to stand down, suspect made good his escape into East St. Louis. Victim was not injured but did show signs of being highly intoxicated.

DVIP advised.Clifton Heights Crime Report for the Week of 04/13/20 to 04/19/20

04/14/2020 19:40,  64XX Hoffman, (20-16236), Larceny trash receptacle:

Reporting party stated, person(s) unknown stole her trash can that is provided by the City of Saint Louis.


04/15/2020 12:04, 66XX McCune, (20-016351), Larceny from a motor vehicle:

Victim contacted this department to report on the indicated date, person(s) unknown, entered her vehicle in an unknown manner, that was parked on the street. Once entry was gained, unknown person(s) stole her wallet that was in the center console.

04/15/2020 14:51, 60XX Magnolia, (20-016377), Larceny:

Victim reported that her package that was delivered was stolen from her front porch.